Learning or improving project management?

We are specialized in project management and agile. You can turn to us for training, advice and the implementation of project-based work. For more information, please contact us or read on.

Upcoming training courses:

19-20-21th of January 2022
Amsterdam (only 1 place left)
€ 1495

7-9-14-16-21-24th of February 2022
9.00 – 12.00 am (start guarantee)
€ 1495

11-12-13th of May 2022
€ 1495

23th of May 2022
€ 595

The costs of the training are excluding 21% VAT. All training materials, books, coffee/tea and lunches are inclusive. The dates are subject to minimum subscriptions. Possible dates could be changed to availability. Please note that  terms and conditions apply.

Who we are consists of a team of collaborating consultants. Our consultants have extensive experience as project leaders and as trainers. Since 2004, we have trained thousands of people and helped many organisations with project management. We work worldwide from offices in the Netherlands and in Belgium. Read more about our team here and look here to get an impression of our clients.

Good project management is important

According to the International Project Management Association (IPMA), 40% of work is currently project-based. This includes not only large projects, but also smaller project-based ‘jobs’ or Agile projects. Almost half of our work is therefore in one way or another project-based. This applies to all kinds of companies: industry, services, non-profit, governments, healthcare institutions, and start-ups, too. These organisations all have a different approach to the management of their projects.

In the current economy, products and services have to be renewed ever faster. One’s skills in project management determine how effectively products and services can be developed and therefore how innovative an organisation can be. This applies to both commercial companies and non-profit organisations.

Years of experience

We work with our own material, which has been based on years of experience in the field. A selection from the programme of IPMA and PMP/PMI will be discussed. Our trained project leaders can operate perfectly in an environment where work is carried out according to one of the well-known project management methods.

Agile en Scrum training in actie

Our courses are compact and focused on practice. We pay a lot of attention to the human side of project management because it is just as important for the success of the project as the knowledge of project structures and techniques is. The small groups and post-training aftercare ensure that there is plenty of room for personal attention.

Our trainers are all round. They can work with the big well known project management systems: PMP/PMI, IPMA, Prince2 and Agile. However, we also work with lesser-known project-based work systems. We are competent and can, if desired, provide a certification process.

Project management training course in-house

All our consultants have international experience with projects and speak fluent English. English-speaking employees can participate in an open registration course in the Netherlands several times a year. In addition, we provide in-house training courses for project management and Agile at your place. We travel worldwide to help companies with their projects. See here a sample of our long list of satisfied clients

Why choose

  • Experienced trainers: over 25 years of experience with project management.
  • Compact courses: complete training course to become a project leader in three days, training course to become an Agile coach in one day.
  • Much attention to the human side of projects: training of hard and soft skills.
  • Not being stuck to one Project Management or Agile system.
  • Optional online exam to obtain our certificate. We do not charge exam costs.
  • Excellent reviews by former students.
  • Additional e-learning to learn even more afterwards.

project management cursus


Discount if you combine training courses

Modern project management originated in the 1930s and has since been developed further. The so-called agile approach to projects appeared in the late 1990s and it has demonstrated itself to be suitable for some (but not all) projects. The best known agile approach is “Scrum”. The agile approach to projects provides more room for flexibility and allows teams to get into the flow faster. For that reason, it is important that modern project staff are able to apply agile if it offers these benefits.  We would advise people who want to carry out projects to learn both the much more extensive traditional approach to project management and the newer agile method. Those who follow both courses with us will receive a discount of €100 on tuition fees. This offer is only valid if you order the courses directly and simultaneously from our site. Contact us if you have any questions about Agile, Scrum Master, Product Owner or Project management.

More information

Would you like to know more about our methods, our ideas or our training courses? Feel free to contact us.