Appendix 3: Useful resources for project management

    Website where open-source software can be found, including software for managing projects. The following open-source software can be downloaded here.
  2. Xplanner
    Xplanner is an open-source software tool for the administration and management of the cycles through story cards (according to the eXtreme Programming working method).
  3. Open-source CVS (Current Version System) administrative applications that are frequently used include CVS, Subversion and Gnu arch.
  4. MS Project, Fasttrack and others
    MS project is the best-known programme for carrying out the administration of a project and for making Gantt charts (bar graphs).
    Fasttrack is another well-known package, and there are many other open-source packages. These programmes are actually suitable only for projects that are conducted according to the waterfall method.
    Bugzilla is an open-source programme for the registration, protection and archiving of issues and bugs. This application is used primarily in software development.