Appendix 9: Sample meeting report

Minutes of Project: <Enter project name>
Date: <enter the date of the conversation/meeting>
Note-taker: <enter the name of the person who prepared this document>
Present: <enter the names of those who were present for this discussion>
Absent with notice: <enter the names of those who were absent with notice>
Absent without notice: <enter the names of those who were absent without notice>


<Enter the list of topics as they appeared on the agenda during the meeting. For example:>

  1. Approval of the minutes from the previous meeting
  2. Discussion of action list
  3. Discussion of decision list
  4. Discussion of issue log
  5. Discussion of risk log (new risks and obstacles)
  6. Project progress
  7. Schedule adjustments
  8. Consultation with management
  9. Question round
  1. Approval of minutes from previous meeting
    Piet remarked that his comments concerning the developments of new software by the competition were not accurately recorded in the report. He will send a brief e-mail to the note-taker with a correct reflection of his ideas. The others in attendance approved the minutes.
  2.  Action list
    A number of actions were cancelled, and other new actions were reported.
    Please refer to the separate document entitled ActionsAndDecisions.doc
  3. Decision list
    Please refer to the separate action-and-decision list for information on the decisions that were taken.
    Please refer to the separate document entitled ActionsAndDecisions.doc
  4. Issue log
    Please refer to the separate issue log for information on the issues that are currently awaiting action.
    No new issues were reported this week.
  5. Risk log
    HHenk has learned of a new risk that we had overlooked. What should we do if our software supplier declares bankruptcy? This risk has been noted in the risk log. Klaas will consider the matter further and see what our contracts with the supplier say in this regard.
    Please refer to the risk log for further information.
  6. Project progress
    Partner 1
    The Java wing is working hard to realise the software. Three engineers are now assigned to the project.
    The testers are working to prepare the test scripts. Henk asked Marie whether he had sent this to Floor. Kees reported that the plans for detail testing are not deliverables. The test scripts are, however, if the partner wishes insight into the plans in question. This is obviously always possible.Partner 2
    Floor reported that she is now working on a new name for the product. Henk will go ahead and prepare a change proposal that will explain the impact of this change on the project. The estimate for licenses has now been received from the supplier.
    Floor remarked that she would like to submit another report to the financer in early October. We agreed to submit the report to the partner five working days after the end of September.

    Participants in the previous period

    Name Position
    Piet Pieterse Operations manager
    Jan Jansen Project leader
    Etc. Lead Engineer Client PRODUCT
    Technical Architect
    Lead Engineer Server PRODUCT
    Java Engineer
    Quality/Testing manager
    Testing Coordinator

    Participants in the coming period

    Name Position
    Klaas Klaaszoon Operations manager
    Marie de Boer Project leader
    Etc. Lead Engineer Client PRODUCT
    Technical Architect
    Lead Engineer Server PRODUCT
    Java Engineer
    Java Engineer
    Java Engineer
    Java Engineer
    Quality/Testing manager
    Testing Coordinator
  7. Schedule adjustments
    The chart below reflects the new schedule, which the current project partners consider realistic at this time.

    Phase/Milestone Starting date/Milestone Ending date Who
    Preparation 7-4-03 6-6-2003 Partner1
    Design 7-4-03 6-6-2003 Partner1 + partner2
    Decision-making 10-6-2003 13-6-2003 Partner1 + partner2
    Design approval 13-6-2003 13-6-2003 Partner2
    Implementation/Testing 30-6-2003 28-11-2003 Partner1
    Delivery of first version 28-11-2003 28-11-2003 Partner1
    Test of acceptance 1-12-2003 2-01-2004 Partner2
    Support for acceptance test 1-12-2003 2-01-2004 Partner1
    Acceptance 2-01-2004 2-01-2004 Partner2
    Substantive user test 2-01-2004 25-06-2003 Partner2
    Support for substantive user test 2-01-2004 25-06-2003 Partner1
    Optimisation 28-06-2003 27-08-2003 Partner1
    Delivery of second version 27-08-2003 27-08-2003 Partner1
    Guarantee 27-08-2003 26-11-2004 Partner1
  8. Consultation with management
    In his role as project leader, Klaas had consulted with management. Management would like the project to be completed within one month, or two at the most. Klaas reported that he did not consider this feasible, but that the team would do its best to make it (the impossible) possible.
  9. Question round
    Marie remarked that the meeting had already lasted for two hours, even though the goal had been to limit it to forty-five minutes. She asked everyone to try to keep the meetings short.Henk states that he will be unable to attend the next meeting.

Next meeting(s)

Progress conference
Tuesday 19 augustus 2006
13:00 uur
Partner 1, Rotterdam office
Klaas, Henk, Floor, Marie

Tentative agenda:

  1. Meeting report from previous meeting
  2. Action list
  3. Decision list
  4. Deviations from specifications
  5. Project progress
  6. Scheduling (milestones/changes)
  7. Overwork/underwork
  8. Issue log
  9. Risks and obstacles
  10. Other matters/Question round

Appendix (appendices)

Action/Decision list for the Project
Issue log
Risk log