Complaints about the performance of the work by MeLearning ( must be reported in writing within 14 days after the end of the training. If the Client fails to complain within this period, it will be deemed to have approved the service.

You can report a complaint via our contact form, stating: “addressed to Mr W. Baars”. Complaints are handled by MeLearning within 6 weeks. If this is not feasible due to research, this will be reported within 14 working days, with reasons explained, and MeLearning will provide an indication of the expected date of handling the complaint.

If, according to the Client or customer, the handling of the complaint has not been properly handled by MeLearning, the Client has the right to submit the complaint within 14 days to the dispute committee in The Hague, to which Melearning is affiliated with the NRTO quality mark. The decision of the dispute committee is binding for MeLearning and will be followed immediately.

Complaints must be submitted to the dispute committee in writing via MeLearning. MeLearning will forward the complaint to the dispute committee. All complaints are treated confidentially and registered for a period of 2 years.