Programme managament course

The program management course is a 1 to 3 day course about one particular question: how do you manage programs? This course is only given incompany for a group of participants (on request). The length depends on the learning goals or your organisation.

The training is meant for program managers, advanced project leaders and managers of project oriented organizations. The training is more strategic than operational.

For operational training of project management have a look at our project management training course.

Programme management training course

Content of the program management training

(inhouse training courses are always taylorized to your learning goals)

  • How to organize multiple projects?
  • Project portfolio management
  • Project management, innovation and productivity
  • Thinking in dilemma’s rather than solutions
  • How to help your project leaders
  • Leadership
  • How to get big changes in organisations or society done (programs)
  • Dealing with many stakeholders and organisations involved in a programm
  • How to create a transparent organization
  • Which level of project management maturity is required?
  • Method of program management (MSP)
  • Tools for project and program administration
  • Implementing and executing programs

The programme management training courses is offered in-house (at your locations) only Dutch speaking participants can individually join our regular courses in program management).

If needed we can get your participants certified for MSP certification.

Please contact us for further information.