Project management training course

Group exercise project management

In the project management course you will learn the skills needed to do a project from start until finish.

The course takes 3 days and is meant for beginning project leaders, project team members and for more experienced project leaders with little theoretical reference.

In the course both theory and practice are taught and trained.

€ 1495 (VAT excluded) (€ 1808.95 VAT included) or € 1645 exempt from VAT
All training materials, books, coffee/tea and lunches are inclusive.

Training hours
10:00 am – 5:00 pm including 1 hour of lunch.

All locations are easily accessible by public transport

Elements of the training

  • What is project management and when (not) to apply
  • Writing a project management plan
  • How to make a planning (time, money, results)
  • How to use project phases
  • Controlling a project and risk assessment
  • Working within time and budget frames
  • Communication
  • Training of  leadership skills (‘soft skills’)
  • Introduction to MS project and other project management tools
  • Introduction to methods like PRINCE2, PM BOK, IPMA, PMI and agile project management
  • Cooperation in teams
  • Projects and organisations
  • The environment of a project

Day 1:

  • Project analysis
  • Introduction to the field of project management
  • Characteristics and jargon of project management
  • When to apply project management and when not to
  • Basic project structure (phasing, understanding what to do in which
  • Planning duration, budget, resources and people
  • Writing a project plan and getting it approved by upper
  • Leading a project (in terms of budget, organisation, quality, time
    and information)
  • Project administration
  • Listening skills
  • Making clear agreements for ‘deliverables’

Day 2:

  • Controlling Quality in a project
  • Project management and the mother organisation
  • Stakeholder management
  • Basic starting point of a project
  • How does organisation culture affect your project?
  • Project management within changing organisations
  • Using Gannt charts for time planning
  • Preview of MS projects and other tools for managing projects
  • Communication within and surrounding a project
  • Assembling teams
  • Motivating teams and people
  • Assigning roles, tasks and responsibilities in a project team
  • What is my position in the team
  • Working with templates (budget, planning, action- and decision lists)

Day 3:

  • Risk management in projects
  • Using feedback to control your project
  • Why projects get delayed (and what to do about it)
  • Leadership styles
  • Evaluating and closing projects
  • Balancing teams and dealing with team issues
  • Overview of the main qualifications of project management (PRINCE2, IPMA, PM-BOK, DSDM, Agile) and how to get a certificate if you want to
  • Introduction to Agile project management
  • Recognising good negotiation moments and using them
  • Non-verbal communication, being firm
  • Leadership
  • ‘Tough’ conversations training

The course is as interactive as can be, with lots of exercises. You can bring your own project cases to the course to work on if you like. But if you have no current project, that is no problem we have enough samples to work with. The soft skill parts are trained with role playing exercises.

After this training course you will know:

  • Essential project management theory
  • How to avoid most major pitfalls
  • Why projects succeed or fail
  • How to deal with stakeholders: clients, team members and other people involved in the project

After this training course you will be able to:

  • Write a project plan
  • Direct and control a project
  • Establish and set clear mile markers for a project
  • Work with the templates and tools for budget, risk management and issue logs
  • Work out a planning and stick to it
  • Finish a project and evaluate it
Project management lesson

Examination and certificate

After participation in the course you are ready to take the online exam at our e-learning website. When you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate. You can do this exam in your own time at any moment after the course and should you not pass the exam the first time you can take it again as needed. On top of that you will receive after care from our trainers: you will have 6 months time to send us your project plan. We will then give you feedback on your project plan. If you prefer to have a feedback moment on other project issues you can have a chat with our trainers within 6 months as well. All participants can become part of our project management community to exchange ideas and questions about project management.

Incompany project management training courses

All international project management training courses are offered in-house (at your locations).

online live training course. Teacher explains project plannin

In-company training courses are possible on your site (worldwide) and trough online live training classes with Zoom or Teams. Please contact us for further information.

Individual subscription to our project management courses is possible several times a year. These projectmanagement training courses are held at our head office in Amsterdam (Netherlands) and in Brussels (Belgium). Dutch speaking people can come to our courses on project management in Dutch off course.