Sustainable organization

We try to be a sustainable organization as much as possible. In order to do achieve that we do the following:

  • We use only sustainable sources for all the energy we need
  • We select our suppliers on sustainability
  • We support sustainable projects and initiatives

For our work as trainers, consultants and coaches we need energy. Most of it is for transport of ourselves and the people coming to our classes, heating of the spaces we work in  and the production of paper for our teaching materials. We have calculated that this energy usage results in a CO2 emission of roughly 10 Tons per year, if we would use fossil sources.

However as we have made investments in windfarms (on sea) and solar farms in Europe we can produce most of the energy we need in a sustainable way (we drive electrical cars). For the energy that we can not provide sustainable (e.g. for the paper production of our teaching materials) at least we compensate for the CO2 emitted.

Sustainability in projects


We prefer suppliers that have an active policy on sustainability and use materials with green labels (FSC, EKO, Green-Key and others) whenever possible.

Support of sustainability projects and initiatives

We support projects for sustainability with our consultancy and training. We are friends of the Nudge network (sponsor), that initiates grass roots sustainability projects in the Netherlands.