Time Management

Time management training course

Projects seem to be by definition under time pressure; Deadlines are always a stress factor, and projects come so often on top of the daily work. How do we get these two synchronised ?

In this course we go looking for a systematic support of our personal effectiveness: how to get more done in less time? Time management (setting priorities) is closely connected to attention management (how to create focus in a world of technological gadgets and fast information streaming).

How to get the control back in our own hands? How can I at best organise my day to avoid interruptions and constant switching between tasks? How to negotiate my workload so that I can manage realistic expectations?

€ 595 excl. VAT (€ 719.95 VAT incl.) or
€ 654 exempt from VAT
Including course materials, lunch, coffee and tea

The one-day course is split into of 2 blocks of 3 hours + 1 hour lunch break.

The training runs from 10:00 till 17:00 o’clock. All training locations are easily accessible by public transport.

In this course we list a number of these “best practices” and together we will find out what suits you best. Agile/Scrum is a good example of this. But there are more options and how does that work for you?

Parts of the course

  • Set and maintain priorities
  • Use deadlines proactively instead of undergoing them
  • Keep your email under control and integrate it with your personal planning
  • Useful tips & tricks in Outlook, even for experienced users
  • Recognize time wasters and tackle areas for improvement more consciously
  • Deal better with work pressure by creating peace in your mind
  • Less to forget through more effective ToDo lists (e.g. Kanban board)
  • Plan your work despite the daily ‘unforeseen’ circumstances
  • Better handling of responsibility through better follow-up
  • Saying “no” assertively and constructively
  • Be more aware of modern information and communication technology


The course consists of an interactive workshop in which participants not only provide examples from their own experience, but also apply the concepts and techniques discussed to their own situation through examples, short discussions and exercises.

For who?

This course is aimed at anyone who is looking for new insights into organizing his/her own work and collaboration with others within a professional context. By following this training you will increase your personal productivity.

Planner in action

The program

Part 1 : Time management

  • Awareness: you cannot manage time itself, but you can determine your own (re)actions
  • Overview: the 7 traits of the most effective managers as a basis
  • Managing deadlines: student syndrome & Parkinson’s law
  • How to create FLOW (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi)
  • Exercise: combat procrastination
  • The power of progress reporting

Part 2 : Attention management

  • Application: 10 super useful tips in Outlook
  • The human brain can’t multitask?!
  • Application: dealing with interruptions (Pomodoro and mind dump techniques)
  • Working memory has a very limited capacity
  • Application: a prioritized to-do list
  • The JEEP 4X4 + GPS working method

Course material

In addition to the slides from the PowerPoint presentation, the course material includes a workbook in which participants can take notes at their own discretion. It also contains a number of concrete checklists and template documents as well as a bibliography of interesting books and websites. The participants compile their own list of tips & tricks and regularly exchange ideas about them with the other participants. This list has been set up as a self-evaluation tool that they can fall back on after the course.

Trainer Tom Jacobs
Tom Jacobs

The trainer

The training is given by Tom Jacobs who has been active in this field for more than 20 years. Trained as a psychologist-pedagogue, he is particularly interested in the scientific basis of most methods. His teaching style is mainly characterized by experience, practicality (tips & tricks) and infectious enthusiasm.

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